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Planning and execution from a single source!

LAYJET technology is ideally suited for the expansion of backbone routes and start-up routes outside of town centres. LAYJET’s in-house Design Department creates the ideal line structure for LAYJET routes ready for construction on the basis of the rough designs provided by the customer. After approval, the project is expertly implemented by the trained LAYJET civil engineering teams. In the end, a calibrated and pressure-tested pipeline network is handed over to the customer.

Christoph Hellmann

Broadband Coordinator for Soest County

"In LAYJET, we not only found a fast laying method, but, due to the gentle intervention of the technology, we were even able to work in the bird sanctuary in our County of Soest. LAYJET can therefore rightly claim that they have reached a new dimension with their laying method. The way they performed in our County – from design to execution – we are full of praise for them."

Georg Podebradsky, MBA

Energie Burgenland Green Technology GmbH

"In the framework of the construction of the railroad embankment cycle path from Oberschützen to Oberwart and Rechnitz, LAYJET was commissioned by Energie Burgenland Green Technology GmbH to carry out pipe installation over a length of 23 km. Using the innovative LAYJET method, installation of the FO pipe bundles in the road shoulder was implemented very efficiently in about 6 weeks. The use of the LAYJET method not only enabled rapid implementation, but also guaranteed that, immediately after the installation, the existing structure of the railroad embankment was properly restored and compacted."

Heiko Grebe

Project Manager at Westnetz

"Our experience with LAYJET technology has been nothing but positive. I would particularly like to emphasise their excellent cooperation with our project management team and their adherence to deadlines in the execution of the individual measures. Particularly in the current subsidy projects, during which we are opening up underserved addresses in rural areas, LAYJET technology is an important pillar in the direction of rural roads. In summary, it's safe to say that we have had good experiences with LAYJET and would therefore like to continue working with this company."

May. Hermann Grassl

Community of Hartl

“LAYJET was commissioned with area-wide broadband expansion in our community of Hartl by Steirische Breitband- und Digitalinfrastrukturgesellschaft m.b.H (SBIDI). Within a very short time, the main lines were laid in the road shoulder using the LAYJET method. The road shoulders were properly restored and compacted immediately afterwards. This innovative system has proven to be very expedient due to the rapid and cost-effective construction method, in order to be able to achieve comprehensive broadband coverage even in rural communities with low settlement density.”

May. Josef Hauptmann

Market Town of Bad Waltersdorf

"In our community of Bad Waltersdorf we installed our fibre optics cables using LAYJET technology! We can recommend this method with a clear conscience. Work progressed very quickly and caused hardly any disturbance through noise or dirt pollution. In addition, this technology causes practically zero traffic obstructions worth mentioning. Especially for a tourist community like Bad Waltersdorf, this is of great importance! We are extremely happy with the entire process and can recommend LAYJET with a clear conscience!"

May. Rudolf Stiendl

Community of St. Andrä-Höch

"Broadband expansion in our community was implemented using the innovative LAYJET method, which yielded numerous advantages! The network expansion was carried out much more quickly and cost-effectively than it would have been possible using conventional construction methods. Due to the high speed of laying in the road shoulder, traffic obstructions could be reduced to a minimum and the immediate restoration of the shoulder meant that the roads could be used again right afterwards. All in all, we rate the LAYJET technology very highly and can wholeheartedly recommend it!"

Christopher Bertsch

Leadership Broadband, Netze BW GmbH

"Netze BW will continue to utilize the LAYJET method for expansion in the backbone area. Especially in the expansion between municipalities, we will employ this approach. The major advantage is the excellent expansion speed, along with the simultaneously minimal disruption to residents. For us, the LAYJET method is the best choice if it's technically feasible."

Ing. Herbert Jöbstl, MBA

Steirische Breitband- und Digitalinfrastrukturgesellschaft m. b. H. (SBIDI)

"The LAYJET method has proven a effective and time-efficient laying method in the framework of all our extension projects. Hundreds of kilometres have been laid already and more are added every day."

Lars Könen

Deutsche Glasfaser GmbH

"If I had to sum up the LayJet experience in one sentence, I'd say it's a super fast, engaging company that, after some initial convincing with municipalities, can count municipalities among its biggest fans.”

DI Franz Reiterer

Office of the Styrian Government

"An innovative method: Gentle fibre optics laying in the road network, developed in cooperation with road building authorities. The laying of fibre optics cables depends on the road network. This is why we developed a method that has a minimal impact on the road body to work in harmony with the road building authorities."

Univ. Prof. DI Dr. techn. Ronald Blab

TU Vienna

"On behalf of the Styrian Government, our independent TU Vienna Institute accompanied the laying method. Our expertise focused on road building technology and influences on the pavement. Summary: A gentle broadband laying method without any significant adverse effects on a road's service life."

Dr. Alexander Vasiljevic, MVBA, MSC

PRÜFBAU – Straßenbautechnologische Prüfanstalt

"After six months of scientific analysis (measurements prior to, during and after LAYJET installation) we are able to firmly confirm: LAYJET has no negative effects on the pavement's deformation behaviour!"

Univ.-Ass. DI Dr. Lukas Eberhardsteiner

TU Vienna

"TU Vienna accompanied the LAYJET construction method in Styria. We conducted field measurements on six test routes and including computer simulations. We simulated the road surface with and without slit trenches to gather information about slit trench depth and compaction. The results clearly show that the load-bearing capacity achieved prior to slit trenching can be retained. The same load-bearing capacity is possible with correct compaction and fill. The slit trench depth has little effect and neither does the minimum asphalt layer thickness in the rural road network; it barely affects load-bearing capacity and road body. Sufficient and correct compaction provided, the effects on the road body are minor. The load-bearing capacity was measured using reflectometers on the road edge and by means of dynamic load plates on the shoulder. The fill material was also analysed by means of screening before and after installation. The result is minimal mixture."

Josef Fischer

Mayor of Kitzeck im Sausal

"As the highest wine-growing village in Europe and a tourist community, we had to admit some time ago that the performance of the Internet in our community of Kitzeck im Sausal was no longer sufficient and so we looked for practical solutions. In 2019, we decided to make work and life easier for our companies and guests by providing them with fibre optics internet.
Our goal was to install the conduit easily, quickly, gently and cost efficiently. Very quickly it became clear that LAYJET was the best solution. With state-of-the-art technology and its modern method, LAYJET allows the road to be retained. The crew only digs into the shoulder using a device that opens it, installs the conduit and closes and compacts it in one work step. Asphalt layer and road structure are not destroyed. Noise pollution is acceptable and work proceeds quickly. In Meisterbankett, LAYJET has found an ideal and experienced partner. We are glad that we have opted for this method."

German Telekom

"We from German Telekom have had nothing but good experiences with LAYJET. LAYJET's communication was highly profession - and full of insane technical competence."

In cooperation with our network infrastructure partners.


We lay the future.


We lay the future.


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